Angela Cabotaje is the former editor in chief of Seattle Met. She holds a journalism degree from Northwestern University and has spent 15-plus years covering the Seattle area. When not on Slack, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters. 


What the Amazing Race Should Have Done in Seattle

The 35th season of the reality show competition concluded in our fair city. But talk about missed opportunities.

12/14/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Bah Humbug

Why the Elf on the Shelf Is Not Welcome in My Home

The holidays are hard enough without inviting this creepy interloper into our lives.

12/06/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Coronavirus Chronicles

What’s Up with Covid-19 in Seattle Right Now?

All you never wanted to know about the new vaccine, variants, masking, and more.

09/19/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Up and Down Aurora

How I Grew to Love Aurora Avenue

State Route 99 is often written off as dangerous. But it’s become this writer’s cherished place for family bonding and self-reflection.

05/31/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Road Rules

Are You a Bad Seattle Driver?

Our reputation for being terrible on the road extends beyond our inability to complete a zipper merge. Test your knowledge here.

04/10/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Coronavirus Chronicles

Long Covid Patients Are Still Seeking Answers 3 Years Later

Seattle researchers join an ambitious study to help Covid long haulers.

03/28/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

My Favorite Things

Chris Ballew Shares His Favorite Seattle Spots

The former Presidents of the United States of America singer and kids artist Caspar Babypants talks cheeseburgers, music venues, and Seattle hot takes.

03/24/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

ZEV or Bust

Can Washington Reach Its Zero-Emissions Vehicle Goal?

Washington policymakers rev up for a car overhaul by 2035.

03/17/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Tech Talk

This Article Was Written by a Human

At the advent of the AI age, should creatives see the writing in the code?

03/08/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Festival Szn

Bumbershoot Is Back

Seattle's iconic arts and music festival returns with a lineup that leans hard on its PNW roots.

02/21/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Money Money Money

Who Are the Richest People in Washington?

That’s Billionaire with a capital B.

02/17/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Tour Notes

Is the Climate Pledge Arena Tour Worth It?

That depends on your level of fandom—and your tolerance for cheese.

02/08/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

My Favorite Things

Robin Wehl Martin of Hello Robin Shares Her Favorite Seattle Spots

Where do Seattle’s most well-known tastemakers go? We asked.

02/03/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Money Diaries

What Does It Really Take to Live in Seattle?

In one of the country’s most expensive cities, a group of thirtysomethings give us a peek at their financials.

01/27/2023 By Angela Cabotaje Photography by Carlton Canary

Breakthrough Alert

Are We on the Cusp of a Breast Cancer Vaccine?

Scientists at Seattle’s Cancer Vaccine Institute inch closer to a medical moonshot 100 years in the making.

01/23/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Money Money Money

Seattle’s Cost of Living Is More Complicated than You Think

A University of Washington researcher created an alternative to the official poverty line nearly three decades ago. What does its adoption—or lack thereof—reveal about what we need?

01/13/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

Home Collections

Robert and LaFaye McFerrin Go Quackers for Rubber Ducks

This Wedgwood couple are the beneficiaries of over 2,000 ducky friends.

01/06/2023 By Angela Cabotaje Photography by Chona Kasinger

Home Collections

The Things That Make Us

Regular Seattleites share the stuff they just can't get enough of.

01/03/2023 By Angela Cabotaje Photography by Chona Kasinger

Home Collections

Alex Crick Wanders the Globe for Snow Globes

This software test engineer and freelance photographer started collecting on a whim. Then it snowballed.

12/23/2022 By Angela Cabotaje Photography by Chona Kasinger

Home Collections

Trevor Boone Strums for Vintage Left-Handed Guitars

The Emerald City Guitars owner draws from his lifelong love of collecting and bygone eras.

12/22/2022 By Angela Cabotaje Photography by Chona Kasinger