Benjamin Cassidy edits and writes for the magazine’s news section, “Currents,” as well as the health and real estate channels online. Prior to joining Seattle Met, Ben was the arts and entertainment reporter for The Berkshire Eagle, a regional daily based in the mountains of Western Massachusetts. He graduated from the University of Michigan and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.


The Treasure Hunters 

Can a mission that began with two adventurous teenagers in the 1980s end with the discovery of a sunken gold rush fortune off the Washington coast?

04/30/2024 By Benjamin Cassidy Photography by Grant Hindsley

Late Knights

Chess Is Taking Over Seattle Bars

The grassroots phenomenon may already be in a neighborhood near you.

01/25/2024 By Benjamin Cassidy Photography by Chona Kasinger

Company Town

What Happened to Seattle's Relationship with Boeing?

The aftermath of the Alaska blowout reveals that the connection is slowly unraveling.

01/17/2024 By Benjamin Cassidy

Fine Art

Grace Athena Flott’s Portraits Celebrate Burn Survivors

A new exhibit at Pier 69 features a group you don’t typically see in galleries.

12/19/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy

Faking Left

Shaun Scott Chronicles Seattle’s Civic Shortcomings through Sports

Heartbreak City details progressive failures, and resilience, by focusing on the city’s relationship to its teams and athletes.

10/23/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy

Love Letters

The Directions Menu at Monorail Espresso Is Peak Seattle Snark

“Where Is Pike’s Place? $2.”

08/07/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy


All the Razzmatazz at This Year's Seafair

It's not all about the Blue Angels this weekend.

07/31/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy

Lights, Camera, Tax Breaks

Can the Seattle Film Industry Solve Its Vancouver Problem?

Hollywood has shunned shooting in Seattle since its ’90s film heyday. A new studio and tax incentive aims to help our city recapture the spotlight.

06/22/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy


The Schism at Seattle Pacific University

How an anti-LGBTQ+ policy led to an existential dispute at a small Christian college, pitting students and faculty against the board—and placing the institution in peril.

06/08/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy Photography by Daniel Berman

Up and Down Aurora

Why Sex Trafficking Persists on Aurora

Survivors are leading belated efforts to advocate for victims. But the situation keeps getting worse.

05/31/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy


Clouded Judgment: How a Former Amazon Employee Hacked Capital One

Paige Thompson engineered one of the biggest data breaches in history from her bedroom in South Seattle. Her trial exposed us all.

04/04/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy

Spare Change

What Happened to Defunding the Seattle Police Department?

The conversation has shifted since protesters took to the streets in 2020.

03/21/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy

Well Curated

Seattle's Essential Museums

A guide to the artistic and cultural institutions that define our city’s past, present, and future.

02/20/2023 By Sophie Grossman, Zoe Sayler, Benjamin Cassidy, and Allison Williams


The Endurance Trials of Rosalie Fish

A painted face and fleet feet made the runner a precocious advocate for missing and murdered Indigenous women. But even as her public activism has gained traction, she confronts new tests of her resilience.

01/18/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy Photography by Lindsey Wasson

Climate Change

The Past, Present, and Future of Nuclear in Washington

Can a controversial form of clean energy help save the planet?

01/10/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy

Group Chat

Does Seattle Need Social Housing?

Three wonks mull whether a ballot initiative to create a tenant-run public developer would really cap more rents.

12/12/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy


The Day City Hall Became a Same-Sex Marriage Cathedral

Ten years ago, scores of couples descended on the municipal building after the legalization of same-sex marriage in Washington state. Pictures of the newlyweds went around the world. But their nuptial journeys didn’t end there.

12/05/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy

SAD News

A Sleep Scientist Says Permanent Daylight Saving Time Is a Bad Idea

Using standard time would be better for our health.

10/27/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy


This Is Seattle's Meta Election

We're voting on voting itself.

10/26/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy


Sixty Years Later, PacSci Is Still One Curious Place

The Seattle Center landmark has escaped financial ruin and honed a new model for expanding access by leaning on its principles.

10/20/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy