Well Curated

Seattle's Essential Museums

A guide to the artistic and cultural institutions that define our city’s past, present, and future.

02/20/2023 By Sophie Grossman, Zoe Sayler, Benjamin Cassidy, and Allison Williams

Building Bridges

Totem Star Lights the Way for Seattle’s Next Generation of Music

The youth nonprofit that started in a juvenile detention facility finds a permanent home at King Street Station.

02/07/2023 By Sophie Grossman

A Day in the Life

How a Pacific Northwest Ballet Dancer Keeps Turning

Principal Lesley Rausch prepares for the PNB’s 50th anniversary season with pilates and pointe shoes.

12/02/2022 By Sophie Grossman

Seattle After Dark

Things to Do at Night in Seattle

Aside from restaurants or straight-up bars, though many of these spots serve booze. Just saying.

11/07/2022 By Sophie Grossman Illustrations by Bridgette Huhtala

Live and Unfiltered

Brooke Jarvis Tells a Firefly Love Story at Pop-Up Magazine

The immersive live experience returns to Seattle for the first time in three years.

11/04/2022 By Sophie Grossman

On View

Molly Vaughan’s After Boucher Brings Rococo to the Frye

The artist and trans activist’s work queers the drawings of French painter François Boucher.

10/21/2022 By Sophie Grossman

Buy the Book

A Guide to Seattle’s Independent Bookstores

Where to buy literature in a City of Literature.

10/19/2022 By Stefan Milne With Sophie Grossman


Washington State's Most Horrific Film Achievements

Some are horrific in a good way, some are horrific in a bad way—and we're not telling you which is which.

10/17/2022 By Sophie Grossman and Sophia Struna

Cryptic Promises

Crypto Winter: Could the Web3 Revolution Be a Lifeline for Seattle Artists?

Or will it leave them out in the cold?

10/10/2022 By Sophie Grossman

Parental Controls

What Banned Books Week, 40 Years After Its Founding, Means for Seattle Readers

Our liberal bubble doesn’t shield us from a rising tide of book bans nationwide, nor should it foreclose critical engagement with controversial titles.

09/23/2022 By Sophie Grossman

Art History

Rehabilitating Uncle SAM

Seattle Art Museum’s reinstallation of its American collection grapples with the institution’s past and reaches for a new vision of its future.

09/19/2022 By Sophie Grossman

A Day in the Life

Punk, Pride, and Pickled Eggs

A historic day with local band Rachaels Children.

09/09/2022 By Sophie Grossman

Made in WA

Washington's Music Inventions, Sung and Unsung

Grunge was a hit. But Paul Tutmarc's electric bass strikes a deeper chord.

08/23/2022 Edited by Benjamin Cassidy By Sophie Grossman


Fall Arts Field Guide

Discover—and rediscover—Seattle’s cultural landscape.

08/22/2022 By Sophie Grossman

Nightlife Orbs

Sapphic Seattle Is Reinventing the Lesbian Bar

These lavish club nights for queer femmes are a spiritual successor to gay house parties of yore.

08/09/2022 By Sophie Grossman

Day in the Life

A SAM Curator Reframes the Mysterious World of Fine Art

Christie’s, consecrated statues, and coffee—it’s all part of the workday for Natalia Di Pietrantonio.

06/09/2022 By Sophie Grossman

Met Recs

June Pick: A Memoir by Sonic Boom Cofounder Nabil Ayers

The son of a jazz-funk titan reflects on creating a pillar of Seattle's music community and his complicated relationship with his father.

06/08/2022 By Sophie Grossman

Out and About

Your Guide to Seattle Pride

Where to party, patronize, and get political during Pride Month.

06/06/2022 By Sophie Grossman, Taylor McKenzie Gerlach, and Ann Karneus

Gorge Yourself

Music Festivals Worth a Trip

From the Gorge Amphitheatre to Fort Worden, our favorite live music destinations are coming back to life.

06/03/2022 By Sophie Grossman

Serious Business

Jon Mooallem’s New Book Finds Beauty in Being Ugly

In Serious Face, the Bainbridge Island–based writer quietly exalts the imperfection of everything, from the way we handle catastrophes to his own face.

05/20/2022 By Sophie Grossman